Romantic Sunset anniversary session on Gooseberry Island in Westport Massachusetts, couple in the water with woman wearing BHLDN dress

Kim is a wedding photographer living in the same city as me. We had ZERO idea the other existed until a mutual friend connected us and Kim asked me to photograph an anniversary session for her at Pawel. I said yes straight away and we soon formed an online friendship (thanks covid) that I can tell is going to be a lasting one.

After our initial location plans had to change due to travel restrictions, we settled on Gooseberry Island in Westport. I had no idea it existed but holy cow is this place incredible. If someone told me that the perfect location didn’t exist I would point them to Gooseberry Island immediately. Not only does it have a little of everything but due to it’s position you get the perfect beach sunset – which on the East Coast is hard to find.

Everything aligned for this perfect sunset session, weather, couple and location and I am still drooling over these images.