Hipster Bride and groom pose together for portrait in Boston's Arnold Arboretum during their COVID 19 elopement

The Arnold Arboretum is a true gem tucked away in the suburbs of Boston. Boasting a million different nooks it’s truly one of the most perfect locations for a private woodland elopement without having to travel to the actual woods.

Felicia and Avery are just the epitome of the universe having plans and bringing two people together. They met in college when they both had a crush on the same girl and a friendship soon blossomed. That friendship flowered into love and they’ve never looked back.

Together they planned a 2020 wedding bringing their families from the south to Boston but of course, COVID had other plans. So after rescheduling their bigger celebrations to next fall they decided to just do the dang thing and elope in the Arnold Arboretum with some of their closest friends in person officiated and manning the zoom feed for the rest of their family and friends. Small, intimate and these two were like the most perfect woodland prince and princess. I am living for their custom outfits.