I had so much fun capturing Claire and Colin’s Chatham Light House engagement photography! Claire and Colin met through work when they were both working for NBC in different departments. Their friends kept trying to set them up. They eventually caved, and they were pleasantly surprised to hit things off. Fast forward a bit and originally Colin had planned to propose right here at Chatham Light House, but Claire accidentally messed up his plans! He ended up proposing at a lighthouse in Rockport, Maine, where all their friends and family were watching via live stream. Since the original proposal plan didn’t work out, it was only fitting to come back and take some engagement photography here. We had such a great time exploring the beach with their two pups and celebrating their engagement. The weather was just perfect and these two are such a joy to be around. I can’t wait to celebrate their wedding soon. Congratulations Claire and Colin!

Like what you see? Make sure to take a look at this beautiful New England engagement photography while you’re here! And if you’re ready to schedule your own Chatham Light House engagement, drop me a line here to get started!

Couple holding each other to their sides on the sand of the beach Couple hugging and looking at each other on the beach by the ocean Couple walking on the beach with arms around each other Couple extending their arms to hold each others arms on the beach Couple interlocking their fingers and holding each other close Couple kissing while standing on the sand in front of the ocean Woman sitting on man's lap and kissing on the beach Woman straddling man on the beach and kissing on the sand Closeup of man's arms wrapped around woman and showing off engagement ring Couple sittng together and kissing on the sand Woman holding man's hand and leading him on the sand Couple holding hands and running on the sand Man holding woman while standing on the sand of the beach Couple walking on house sidewalk holding hands Couple sitting on the sand together with their dogs Couple on the beach with their dogs Man holding woman and kissing her on the beach Couple holding and kissing each other in front of lighthouse Couple kissing in front of lighthouse