You spend more with your photographer than any other vendor.

Make sure you choose a good one *wink*

In all seriousness, though, selecting the right wedding photographer for you means choosing the photographer that you feel confident will make you feel good – and not just in front of the camera. 


How far in advance should we reach out to secure a space on your call?

My calendar often books out up to 2 years in advance, so getting in touch ASAP is KEY. As soon as you have a date and venue—hit me up so we can get the ball rolling. (If it’s coming up sooner, still reach out; you never know what spare dates I might have available!)

How much does the average couple spend on wedding photography?

In my experience, the average spend for wedding photography is between $5-6K. All of my packages have been created with you in mind, though, taking into consideration my 10+ years of experience and all that my past couples have needed (and loved!) about our collaborations. There’s something for everyone! 

You mentioned that you have a second shooter available – but do you really feel like it’s necessary to add one on?

Here’s the thing with weddings: every single one is different from the last. But if I have to give an answer: I encourage a second shooter when your guest list is over 150 people. With a larger guest list, a second shooter allows me to focus on the stars of the show (that’s you!) and my second photographer can really focus on your guests, making sure you get not only extra angles but also those extra special moments that I might miss. Even with a smaller guest list you get all these benefits, though, which is why I kicked this answer off with every single one is different. You may be having a 40-person wedding, but find that a second shooter is right for you and your preferences. 

I’m considering a venue that may require you to travel a bit...can you fill me in on your travel fees?

I love a new experience and will literally travel all over the world for you. Travel 100 miles from Worcester MA is included in all my packages with a flat fee, but anything more will be charged depending on location. To make sure there’s no bullshit—and to keep it transparent—I will invoice for travel costs (flights, hotels, car rentals) as they are booked. I try to book everything 4-6 months in advance. 

Still have a question?

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