Couple kiss during Elopement on Pine Point Beach in Maine

Couple kiss during Elopement on Pine Point Beach in Maine

With Massachusetts releasing it’s Phased approach to reopening the state it looks like for the foreseeable future that weddings might have to downsize. During the COVID 19 Pandemic you’ve probably heard the terms Minimony, Elopement and Micro Wedding, so what are they? What’s the difference? And will you be missing out on something if you’re having a smaller wedding?


Couple Exchange Rings in Connecticut Woods during Minimony Elopement


I have to be honest, this one was new even for me. A Minimony is a mini ceremony. A lot of my couples are opting for this as part of a two part wedding. 

A small, intimate ceremony with up to 10 people in total just signifying a moment of commitment between the two of you. This is a chance to get legally married on your original wedding day as a way to honor all of your planning and celebrating. The ceremony part is short and sweet and then you have some time for portraits. 

Your rescheduled wedding date is now a chance to renew your vows in front of your friends and family and to party (it’s pretty much a sequel!). 


Bride and groom look out onto Lake Ochepee at sunset at Lake Ochepee Inn and Spa during their Elopement


There’s a lot of different thoughts and ideas on what an elopement actually is, but for me it can be just the couple and an officiant or it can also include up to 20 guests. It’s a truly intimate affair, everyone is up close and just creates a little bubble of love. There’s usually no wedding party due to the smaller size and if there is it’s just a Maid of Honor and Best Man kind of situation.

Elopements mean that the focus of your wedding day is the love that the two of you share. It’s still a celebration and it means that you can take it all a little slower, breathe it all in and just enjoy the moment. 


Bride and groom sing Swedish wedding songs during intimate Micro Wedding in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Micro Weddings

Mirco Weddings are just a little bigger. When most people think of their wedding day a lot of the time it’s a bigger affair with 100 or more guests, that can be a whole lot of people. Micro Weddings allow you to invite more than just immediate family but means that you can put your guest list together with a lot of intention. Typically a Micro Wedding is around 50 guests. It’s a little more intimate than most weddings but the people who are the most important to you are there to celebrate with you. 


While there’s a new norm for weddings, it’s reassuring to know that couples have options. It also really gives you a chance to sit down and think about what YOU want from your wedding day. What’s the most important to you as a couple? And even though you might have to downsize your guest list, I think now is the time you’ll receive the most understanding from people (and if they’re not then just remember it’s YOUR DAY!)