Newly Engaged Couple in Post Office Square Boston

The first time I spoke to Dave on the phone he had made up an excuse to leave the apartment that Rishwa and he share together. We spoke about how the first time they traveled to Boston together she took him to Post Office Square as it was her favorite spot in the city during her college lunch breaks, it was the only place he could propose. He actually got her to invite HIM on a trip to Boston after concocting an extensive plan with all of their close family and friends.

His mom and sister set up the perfect spot in the middle of the park in Post Office Square for Dave and Rishwa to walk through at sunset and for him to get down on one knee and propose. Needless to say, she was pretty shocked. She knew something was up but definitely didn’t think he would be taking it to the levels he did. After I emerged from the bushes (true story, it comes with the incognito nature of proposals and definitely was not the first bush I’ve hidden in!) we took a few photos before we headed over to Sterling’s restaurant and bar just a short stroll through Boston.

As we rounded the corner to the restaurant I watched that “just engaged” glow on Rishwa’s face turn into absolute shock as standing there on the deck were their parents, families and friends ready to celebrate their new exciting news.