Let me paint a picture for you that I’m sure you’re familiar with: you’re sitting around on a Friday night with your boo, you’re recently engaged and you’re trying to figure out how much money to spend where for your wedding. Suddenly, the phone rings, it’s your mom and she’s called to let you know that your old neighbours Sue and Steve are so excited to be coming to your wedding! Here’s the thing… you weren’t planning on inviting Sue and Steve, but you can’t tell your mom that right?

That’s a couple hundred dollars that you had planned to spend on other wedding essentials like flowers or maybe a wedding album. But now you’re paying for Sue and Steve’s seats at the reception.

Ideal Wedding A (any Friend’s fans out there?) is just a little out of reach. But you might be able to hit Wedding A if you DIY a couple of things yourself. One of them might be flowers, a daunting task but one that’s not totally impossible (TY Pinterest Gods). To get your creative juices flowing, here are a few bomb ass brides who took it upon themselves to DIY their own Bridal Bouquets.

Morgaine and Kyle decided to spent their floristry budget on floral design for their stunning ceremony (seriously, you need to go take a look here). Morgaine and her bridesmaids took on the task of putting together their own bouquets and with some online tutorials produced some pretty amazing results! That Waterfall Bridal Bouquet is GOALS.

Sunflowers and Jewel-Tones? YES GAWD! Bryanna and Santiago decide to DIY ALL the flowers for their seaside wedding in Rockport, MA. I’m pretty sure Bryanna even GREW a bunch of the flowers they used in their wedding. Are you kidding me??

For Alyssa and Tony, they wanted to really celebrate Fall for their Maine wedding. Alyssa decided she wanted to be able to keep her floral arrangements as permanent mementos of their special day and decide that faux flowers were the way to go. TBH, a great idea since you don’t have to worry about plastic/silk being in season!

Imagine there being a delivery issue with your bouquet the night before your wedding. Panic mode am I right? Jessica and her bridesmaids kept their cool and with a trip to Home Depot resurrected their bouquets that did eventually get delivered but needed some serious TLC. But you can even tell!

I’ve saved one of the most epic DIY bridal bouquets I’ve ever seen for last. Maria made EVERY.SINGLE.FLORAL.ARRANGEMENT for her Salem, MA wedding with Brent. Can you believe that the incredible monster creation and flower hoops are mostly faux flowers? Seriously. There’s a couple sprigs of fresh lavender in the bouquet and a flower here and there but the rest? All Fake!

Hopefully, these success stories have calmed your nerves about delving into the DIY world for your wedding bouquet! As someone who DIY’d their own wedding flowers I can safely say, I know it seems like a lot but once you get in there it’s actually a lot of fun.

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