Bride and Groom Hug during First Look at Salem Massachusetts Wedding

Bride and Groom Hug during First Look at Salem Massachusetts Wedding


With the continued uncertainty surrounding COVID19 many couples are being forced to postpone and reschedule their wedding plans. It’s scary, and sad and frustrating. But there are a few steps you can take to ensure that this is far less stressful than it could be. 


Figure out your priorities. 

What are the most important parts of the day that you want to maintain – is it keeping your original vendors? Making sure as many of your guests can still attend as possible? This step will give some parameters to the rest of the process. Consult with your family, wedding party and planner. Make sure you’re all on the same page. 


Let’s get legal. 

Re-read all your contracts from your vendors, they should all include a rescheduling clause – make sure you’re across it. If you’re unclear check in with them, ask them whether there are any changes since this situation is affecting everyone (even your vendors!). Personally, I am waiving any rescheduling fees if you have to reschedule your date due to COVID19 as long as the date is within 12 months of your original date. This is no one’s fault. 


Start talking dates

I recommend having 2-3 potential date options. Once you’ve got an idea, consult with all the important people making your wedding happen and the people who matter most on your guest list. I’ve put together a spreadsheet to help determine and keep track of everyone’s availability. To make life easier for my couples I’ve posted my calendar with available dates for everyone to see when choosing their new dates.

Having a few different options means that you can see what would be a best fit to keep your wedding planning and vibe going strong. 


Communication is key

Shannon Cruise from Aligned Events recommends that you communicate with your guests as soon as possible,  “Utilize your wedding website to keep guests informed, even if you haven’t made any decisions yet. Prepping guests for a postponement, even if you’re not sure yourself is considerate and helps you to field less questions when you’ve finally made a decision.  We have a blog post of email templates for couples that can also be used on a wedding website and cover a variety of scenarios.” 


You’re still getting freakin’ married!

Even though Miss ‘Rona has caused a speed bump in your planning, try not to get too discouraged. Don’t stop planning your perfect wedding. You’ve not got more time than you thought you did to take actionable steps to make it epic, enjoy the process so that when it gets closer to the big day you can relax a little more. 

Still feeling a little overwhelmed? Shannon suggests looking into a planner, “Maybe we’re biased, we strongly advocate working with a planner – especially in navigating the uncharted territory of planning a wedding during a pandemic.  If you aren’t working with a planner, consider hiring one. If you’re working with a day-of coordinator, ask if they can add postponement support planning at an hourly rate.  Even if you’re capable of planning a wedding during normal circumstances – having the support of a professional to keep everything on track and provide real time guidance in an unprecedented situation is so worth every penny.”


You can still celebrate on your original date

You’re allowed to be bummed out that you’re not getting married on the date you picked. But that date is still special. Get dressed up, share a bottle of wine, give that date some love. Just remember that you still have a new date to get excited over and a new chance to celebrate with everyone you love. 

Have more questions about rescheduling or planning your wedding? Feel free to get in touch!