More and more couples are opting to include a First Look as a part of their wedding day. Since they’ve become more popular I’m finding that a lot of couples going through the stages of planning their weddings have questions, what are they, should be do one, how the heck do they even work??

Regardless of whether you’re in the beginning stages of planning your wedding or your big day is creeping up faster and you’re putting together your timeline, hopefully I can help!

What is a First Look? How does it even work?

Traditionally, the first time that a couple sees each other is when one walks toward the other down the aisle. It’s a big beautiful moment and a public reveal to almost all of the guests. I’ll go into some reasons as to why that might not be for you in a minute but a first look takes that moment and instead of making it public, give you a little privacy.

A First Look fits into your timeline before the ceremony takes place. You and your boo will decide on a location that works best for you two and gives you some privacy. Usually, we’ll get one of you “in position” waiting, usually with your back turned. Then fiancé number two will show up to the same location, sneak up (ok sneak up is some flourish, most people just walk on up) and tap our waiting fiance on the shoulder. They turn, they look, they laugh, they cry, they have that perfect reveal! That’s it! It’s so simple.

There are pros and cons to having a First Look, and they’re definitely not for everyone but let’s weigh them up.

The Pros:

Are you an introvert? Are PDA’s not really your thing? Then that’s totally cool. Every single couple is different. If you’re a bit worried about showing that much emotion in front of everyone then a First Look is the perfect way to do so in private.

Honestly the biggest of all the pros that comes with a First Look is this one: YOU CAN DO YOUR BRIDAL AND FAMILY PORTRAITS AT THE SAME TIME. Do you know what that means? It means if your guests are going straight from ceremony to cocktail hour you’ll get to go with them instead of spending time taking photos! GENIUS. Who wants to miss out on having fun with their guests?

The Cons:

Who doesn’t love seeing an emotional reaction at the altar when you see each other for the first time? It’s a really beautiful photo, I get it. If you’re a little more on the traditional side then that’s ok too!

Realistically it can take away some of your photo time that you want to allocate towards your reception. If you’re on a budget then maybe it is something to consider. Although, most First Looks only take around 15-20 minutes (and that includes some photos of just the two of you after you’ve stopped crying.



Ok, so you’re probably thinking that I didn’t answer whether or not you should even have a First Look. Here’s the thing, every couple is different so it’s not one I can answer. But, hopefully this helps you have a better idea of what goes down.