A Connecticut Woods Minimony along the Belding Wildlife Trail

Nestled in the village of Rockville in Vernon CT and just off the i-84 you’ll find the Belding Wildlife Trail. It’s a loop through the woods blanketed by stunning greenery as a stream runs through it. Ziana and JP take their pitbull walking along the trail regularly as it’s just 10 minutes from their own home so when it came to planning a minimony (you can find out what that is here) after COVI-19 forced them to reschedule their wedding it seemed like the only answer.

When I met up with JP before the ceremony he told me that they had to get married on the 23rd. They both had birthdays on 23rds, so it was a non-negotiable. But even though this was a simple minimony with jus them and their officiant it was the perfect way to celebrate and honor their original wedding date.

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Jemima Richards

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