Tori and Joey | Moody Engagement Session in a Cemetery, Lowell MA

Have you ever had your heart set on something and have been looking forward to it SO much that you’ll do absolutely anything to make it happen? My engagement session with Tori and Joey was one of those things for me. When we started planning in the Winter for a fall engagement session I knew it was going to be amazing and when Tori told me that they wanted to go to the Lowell Cemetery for their session I was all in. So it finally rolls around to early October and I head to Lowell. Only to find that the cemetery closes at 4pm… 30 minutes before we were supposed to start. So we made the decision, we were going to find a way in, and we did after a little climbing and a small amount of hiking. I won’t always trespass but when the results are this good, it’s really hard to find an argument against it.

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