I recently went through a little bit of a self realisation where I came to the conclusion that if I were to go anywhere with my work as a photographer I would just have to get over my fears and literally just put myself out there and approach the types of people who I wanted to photograph. I’d been following Sarah on instagram for a while and just decided that I was going to take the leap and send her a message and ask if she’d be interested in letting me shoot her hanging out with her son. Thankfully, she didn’t think I was creepy or insane and invited me up to her home. 

Sometimes you meet people who you just instantly click with and Sarah is one of those people. It was really special to watch her and Mayhem hang out and just do their thing. Mays is has non-verbal autism but is a bucket of energy and personality even if he doesn’t say much, he’s got a lot to show you. These two share the sweetest bond and it was a privilege to be able to step into their world for the afternoon. 

Sarah has recently started an Autism Awareness blog over at Raising Mayhem – it’s a must read for anyone who might not know much about autism or who share a family member with autism.