“…it’s a pretty big trek?” are some of the first few words that I remember from my initial emails with Riana. For some reason I knew in my bones from the beginning that I wanted to be a part of this wedding. 

With a cat and a 3 year old, Luke and Riana decided to make it official. In the days leading up to the wedding, the Coffs region had flooded meaning the day before the wedding water had to be pumped from under the Raleigh Hall and the night before the wedding the portable cool room just decided it was out too (a replacement was arranged swiftly, the food was saved). Luckily for these two the day of the wedding was nothing other than perfect. 

They got married under the big tree of the public school that they used to live next door to and the reception was the hall sitting behind it. It was quaint, personal and happy. Country weddings just have that vibe that make me really love what I do and feel blessed to have some of the most incredible clients out there.